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Katie Foth

Writing Prompts

by Katie Foth on 02/12/20

Yesterday I found a blue journal marked "Clearance" at a Target store. I didn't really need another journal, but since I enjoy writing, I found the idea of a nice but cheap journal hard to resist. So I purchased it. And then, of course, I felt the need to justify the small expense by actually using it.

One of my favorite writing exercises when I was teaching middle school was to give my students a topic sentence as a prompt for thinking and writing. I usually gave them ten to fifteen minutes to come up with five sentences that developed the idea in the topic sentence.

I used this prompt for the beginning entry of my journal:

Here's my entry:

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. When someone spouts that quip, one usually thinks of the future. My multitude of years pulls me instead to the past, not to ways in which I want to change my life. Why? Am I so shaped and hardened by my past experiences that I can no longer grow or change? Am I too lulled by the comforts of my current life to rise to a new calling? 

Perhaps I should look toward the future and dream of the marvelous things God could do through me, if only I let Him. After all, Noah was 500 years old when God directed him to build an ark. Abraham was nearly 75 when God called him out of Ur and led him to the Promised Land. Moses switched careers around age 80, from shepherd to leader of thousands of Israelites. Even Naomi took on a new job in her old age (caring for her grandson, Obed, the ancestor of King David), and ancient Tabitha served others by making clothes for them to wear, so loved by her people that they begged Peter to raise her from the dead.

What does my age matter to God? If I come before Him with a humble and tender heart, can He--will He--use me for His glory? Yes, of course! But the question that follows is harder: Will I dare to seek His will, to step out in faith and follow His leading? Ah! The true test! Lord, help my unbelief.

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